Art is quite interesting for me. There’s something remarkable with them, some is really made for the eyes — to captivate someone with its beauty, to exalt its extravagance.Some  are for the ears, to please you with its tone and melody. But generally, they are made to touch someone, to awaken one’s soul and to bloom its meaning from within its form and structure.

You never truly appreciate the art just by looking into it, you must find its life like you find a light in a dark, to know what it is implying to you. You can’t exactly tell what the message is for the artist himself, but the art is telling you to think, to reflect it to yourself, to ponder how it affects you.



We might think that it is enough to exist in this world, to have those material we love, to gain more friends, to bathe with glory and fame that we really never cared that as we live in this, something in us also cease to exist, some part of us are turning to ashes until the world forget us, until no one doesn’t give a damn for us.So, we must live this life for what it offers and  to enjoy this gift in most exciting way.



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